Lettering Classes with Alisa Burke!


Eek! I’m so excited to finally be offering some online lettering classes! I’ve teamed up with my uber talented friend, Alisa Burke, to teach a few classes on MY approach to drawing letters!

My classes are unique in that I focus less on technique and rules and more on drawing and creativity! My artistic style is pretty loose and expressive, so when I became interested in lettering, I realized quickly that calligraphy and brush lettering were not for me.

You see, I’m not a technique-oriented kinda gal. I hold my pen funny, and I scribble outside the lines, so mastering specific strokes and relying on just the right pen was too confining to keep my interest.
But I still wanted to letter. So I drew them my way!

My journey to incorporating lettering into my work started with a pencil and evolved from there. Over the past several years, I’ve learned to see letters as shapes and forms, and approach letters the same way I approach drawing anything else!

Want to learn the Makewells way?

Find my classes here>

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Now, get ready to have a blast lettering!