Fence Facelift


That time your fence was about to fall over (and still is), but you aren’t ready to replace it – so then what? You paint flowers all over it, of course! And distract everyone from the leaning, slightly-faded fence posts with lots of color and a few butterflies. At least, that’s what I decided to do!

We’ve been plugging along at The Wellsdorf Astoria (yep, named our house) – but as old-fashioned renters, there is only so much we can do. It’s a good thing our landlord rocks and has allowed us to put our personal touch on just about everything here that’s in need of being replaced.


Like most of my work, I don’t plan much. I had a general idea of what I wanted to paint, and using a neutral grey, I painted in my outlines! This is how I sketch – I prefer to paint and just see what happens!

I was about half way done with the mural when life got a wee bit busier, so there it sat for many months, unfinished. But with the beautiful south floral winter weather in full swing, I got myself back outside to finish it up!

Here’s a short clip showing “some” of the process, lot’s of colors and maybe even a couple lousy dance moves! :)

Supplies: This fence won’t be around much longer, so I used basic acrylics and house paints, and didn’t bother to seal it. However, if this were a piece I wanted to make last, I’d give it a few coats of Helsmans Spar Urethane to slow the aging process.