3 Super Simple Doodles


Hi everyone! It’s Megan from Makewells – I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged, but I’m so excited to be back with a fun hand-lettering post!

Today, I’ve got 3 super simple ways to spruce up your lettering: dots, stars and stripes! Who can’t draw those, right? These little doodles are like salt and pepper – they add just enough flavor, but aren’t overpowering when you sprinkle them in just right! :)

2 DotsLinesStars Makewells.jpg

Use these basic, yet versatile marks in a few easy ways: inside your letters, outside your letters, or as a means to add dimension (like a drop shadow). 

3 Dots Makewells.jpg

Everyone can make a dot. The key is where to put them! I like to think in groups of 3 or 5, and then I try varying the sizes. Dots are the easiest mark to make, but can draw a ton of attention to your letters!

4 Stars Makewells.jpg

Just like dots, these simple marks can highlight the body of your letters (by using them on the inside) or act as the finishing touch to an otherwise "plain" design.

Short little lines inside letters, long swooping lines to highlight curves, or the same short little lines to add a drop shadow.

Try zig zags and wavy lines too!

And there you have it, 3 super simple doodles that are sure to add a whole lot of flair to your hand lettering. Now go have fun!


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