Hi, I’m Megan! For me, art has always been about the physical making: pencil-stained sides of your hands, eraser scraps on the floor, spilled ink at every turn, splattered paint for days. It’s not about simply digitizing something in Illustrator or the finer points of the latest software shortcut (don’t get me wrong: I love technology). But, rather, it was more about finding my unique voice as an artist and allowing that sound to lead me down a path of discovery!

I’ve been drawing since I was an itty-bitty child, so the vivid memories of my sister and I – sitting together at our designated art table, creating masterpieces; cards for our grandparents, decor for the fridge, and as we got older, signs for friends’ lockers and covers for notebooks – are right there!

And it really didn’t matter what it was; I drew and drew and drew: Horses, buildings, birds, Disney characters, you name it. And then later, as my faith grew, I began using my work as a means to share the love of Jesus as well as a vehicle for exploring the deep parts of my heart, where I need to challenge/encourage my faith in the One Creator, DAILY!

In college, I discovered my love for mixed media – getting my hands dirty with various paints, pieces of grime or coffee grounds.  And then oil paints, the colors blending seamlessly. Pastels and their chalky dust all over my hands, and often times, face. I explored installation, becoming a display coordinator at Anthropologie, a store known for its gorgeous, hand-crafted decor.

And then, after six years of teaching high school art, and taking the great, big, scary leap into life as a full-time freelance artist, I finally got a taste of what it was like to create to my heart’s content. And I must say, “I’m hooked!”

I’d been drawn to art incorporating letterforms for a long time. I had always loved to sneak words into my work here and there. But they were typically in the background, printed in a font I’d emulated.

But, in the summer of 2012, as I sat in my new, tiny studio, no paycheck on the horizon, yet my husband’s full confidence and support, I started drawing letters.

My first lettering projects were laughable, but I kept at it. I practiced and practiced and practiced more. I began addressing envelopes for brides, specifying that I was not a calligraphy artist, I was a hand-letterer. Addressing envelopes was painfully boring for me after a while, but it was paying the bills. And it was giving me constant, repetitive practice. Soon the envelopes led to lettering for invitations and day-of wedding signage. I began lettering quotes and Bible verses, adding floral elements and selling them as prints. This led to that, and then that led to something else as I explored who I was going to be as an artist… but the one constant was that I was always lettering.

So I decided to write a book about what I like to call “the art of drawing letters” because I wanted to share how I’VE learned hand lettering. What you’ll find in my book are techniques and perspectives that work for me. And the basic principle I’ve followed as I’ve worked at it, is that I have to approach lettering the same way I approach drawing everything else, meaning it’s important to just draw!

So inside the book, on almost every page, remember to draw, draw, draw. I won’t really be showing you how to arrange typefaces or fonts (typography) and I won’t be showing you how to write beautiful letters with a brush or pen (calligraphy.)  Learning about those topics, will benefit your lettering greatly, and I encourage you to do so. But those aren’t the skills or techniques we will focus on. Whether you are a seasoned letterer, or a total beginner to the subject, I hope my book on hand lettering encourages you to practice and practice and practice some more.  

And of course, I hope you learn something, too. Thanks so much for stopping by and perusing my work. I want this site to be a great source of inspiration, a place where you can find out what MAKING ART and BEING ART means to you!