Hey y'all! Much of my teaching style has continued to evolve since I taught high-school art for several years, and now as a full-time artist, I'm back into teaching via a couple different formats.

Online Classes

I have a series of 3 online classes for aspiring hand-lettering artists.  These classes are hosted by my friend and fellow artist Alisa Burke, who has been creating and teaching online art classes for nearly a decade. The classes combine video, photos and text, in a private blog format, and are designed for you to work at your own pace.

Drawin' Letters with Makewells: This class will introduce you to creating a variety of stylistic letterforms through exercises, prompts and practices, all based on the principles of drawing. I will also show you ways to draw printed type and cursive scripts, how to transform letters, words and phrases into creative works of art, and will share tips on discovering your own unique lettering style!

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Get Scripty: Script style lettering is my absolute favorite, so in this class, I'll be sharing tips and tricks on how to make your letters extra fancy and free! From flourishes and swirls to embellishments and illustrations, together we’ll explore the infinite ways to sketch, draw and paint gorgeous, scripted letters, words and phrases, and we won’t be afraid to get a lil funky!

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Letter Outside the Lines: Take your lettering to the next creative level in this fun, “outside the box” class where I'm bound to help you break a few rules! Using a wide variety of materials and techniques, I'll share my favorite ways to take original, hand lettering artworks beyond the pencil and pen, while walking you through my process of experimenting with letterforms and materials in my sketchbook.

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My Book

In my book, "Hand-Lettering: An Interactive Guide to the Art of Drawing Letters," I'll teach you the basics of drawing letters and words using my fun, accessible and interactive book – created in collaboration with Peter Pauper Press. Practice pages allow you space to master each letter in every style, while you learn five major hand-lettering styles, and then transform your writing into art. Sections also demonstrate how to embellish your letters, mix different styles for emphasis and flare, add decorative effects like shading, and combine text and illustration.

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